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Jonathan Heine, Founder and CEO of You Are Loved Foods, Demystifies the Perils of GMO: Part 2

Jonathan Heine, Founder and CEO of You Are Loved Foods, Demystifies the Perils of GMO: Part 2

June 13, 2016

Previously, we looked at history to see how food modifications slowly triggered immune responses that accumulate over time. And we were left with the following question: how can GMO contribute to this?

We suggest that as the immune system is activated repeatedly, it creates a cumulative effect.

Immune Response

When the immune system is activated locally, say with a bee sting on a person allergic to bees, the first thing that happens is swelling at the site of the sting. Swelling is inflammation. Then immune responses like head and muscle aches, sneezing, itching, pain, exhaustion, even paralysis take place.

So let’s say it’s not local, as with a person allergic to cat dander. The headaches, sneezing and itching are all apparent. Some people report bloating or inability to breathe, swelling of the lungs (from fluid… i.e., asthma), runny nose (swelling of the mucus membranes), etc.

But what if the allergic reactions were subtler? Minor, almost imperceptible swelling; slight loss of energy, not exhaustion; imperceptible body aches. And what if that irritating substance was reintroduced daily, even multiple times per day, in increasing amounts over time?

Huge Increase in Wheat Consumption and Reliance in US Diet

The USDA estimates that from the 1970s to the year 2000, per person wheat consumption increased almost 30%. Add corn and rice (both of which now have GMO products) and you’re at a 45% increase (http://www.usda.gov/factbook/chapter2.pdf). So now we have immune systems being constantly bombarded, with no time to recover. GMO wheat and starches proliferate our food products, as additives in all sorts of things: soy sauce, gravies, ice cream, even sweetener.

Human Impact

At the adult level, this kind of long-standing immune overload can create fatigue, obesity, increased food sensitivities, and adult-onset allergies.

With children, they are exposed as their immune systems are forming, so allergic reactions may be woven into their immune profiles. Think of a young puppy being trained in negative behavior, who becomes increasingly unmanageable as it grows older.

Why Obesity?

Our fat cells store excess energy. When we eat more than we burn, we store the excess energy in fat cells. But we also store the extra cellular fluid that is created when we eat substances irritating to us. A lot of people talk about “water weight” gain and loss. This is a semi-accurate representation of what occurs. When we first release excess weight, the body detoxes this extra cellular fluid stored in the fat cells. This releases first and quickly, as the irritation is eliminated from our diets.

However, if we are constantly exposing our metabolisms to irritants like GMO foods, then our fat cells continue to receive small amounts of extra cellular fluid (like the swelling that takes place with a bee sting, only smaller and more subtle). Over time, if we don’t do a lot of exercising/sweating to release this fluid, we put on “water weight.” Leave water weight in fat cells long enough and it becomes fat, which is not so easy to release, especially as we get older.

Cumulative Impact on Food Sensitivites

Once our immune systems spend years, even decades on moderate alert, they may start to go on high alert all the time. That could be one reason that the incidences of autoimmune disorders, such as Lupus, allergies, and certain cancers, have risen dramatically since the introduction of GMO into our food supply.

In addition, some people can become sensitive to not just wheat gluten, but all wheat, as the immune system ceases to be able to differentiate between “the car and the driver.” Take Buckwheat or Bulgar Wheat for example. There are plenty of non-GMO alternatives, but a lot of people who have developed gluten sensitivities have reactions to these types of wheat.

For me, and for some others, the sensitivities become even more widespread. When I hit about 300 pounds, my body ceased to be able to comfortably metabolize all grains, sugars and starches. My metabolism all but shut down. So standard gluten-free fare, which would include Spelt or rice, were not options. All starches that have proteins contain glutens. Because that’s the protein in starch. And I had become sensitive to all of it; because my immune system had become so impacted, it became sensitive to all glutens. Just like when you break your arm, until your arm heals, moving it and touching it may hurt. This is especially true now with our children, whose immune systems may have become so hypersensitive, that they may develop permanent sensitivities early on.

How can we help?

You Are Loved Foods is a gluten/grain/starch-free foods company. On my own food, I was able to reverse the seemingly irreversible march towards morbid obesity and hyper immune response. When I went ultra-strict paleo/ultra-low-carb/ultra-low glycemic, I began to release weight almost immediately. Whenever I strayed, even slightly, from that path, I’ve put on weight quickly. If I’m at a restaurant and have a meatball that has breadcrumbs, I can put on 5 pounds overnight, and it can take weeks to release that. So we’re ultra-sensitive to our consumers’ ultra-sensitivities.

We have a great selection of treats, granola-like foods, and desserts. Come visit us at one of the many retailers in Los Angeles we supply, or look us up on line.

As always, send us your comments. We don’t put this information out there as the be all and end all. We love a spirited discussion.



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