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Chocoholic Central with Marla Martenson

May 18, 2015

I LOVE chocolate. Now, I would not consider myself a hardcore chocoholic. I mean, I don’t have stashes of Hershey’s kisses in my bedside drawer or at the bottom of my purse, but I do love really good quality chocolate. I am all about feeding my body with the most nutritious food possible. And if chocolate is part of the equation… well…. fantastic!

Today I found some reeeaaallllly good stuff… and I am willing to share…

There is a new chocolate on the block! Check out their site. They ship right to your door.

Visit www.urlovedfoods.com 

You deserve to enjoy tasty treats.

You deserve to feel good and be healthy while eating them.

You are Loved foods are whole-food products designed to satisfy both your body and your palate, while making you feel great.

Tastes so luscious, you won’t miss any of them!  


To read the full article, please visit here

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