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You Are Loved Foods to Bring Its Breakthrough Chocolate Treats to the Celiac Disease Foundation Event in Pasadena, May 2 & 3.

A Paleo and diabetic friendly, gluten-free, sugar and sugar alcohol-free, non-GMO, non-dairy, no starch, no grain, ultra-low carb, but protein rich chocolate treat that tastes as good as the best chocolate you remember had long seemed a pipedream. 

As a brand new exhibitor at the Celiac Disease Foundation Expo, our testimonials were flawless, and the quotes came in loud and clear:

  • “You’ve cracked the code on sugar-free chocolate.”
  • “Vegan, gluten/grain and starch free, no erythritol, sorbitol or maltitol, no agave or fruit or cane juices or syrups and they taste great.”
  • “How are these truffles 45 calories?”
  • “A fudge ball with 1/3 of a gram of sugar.  Impossible but true!”
  • “I can finally have chocolate!”
  • “I love the chocolate and your cinnamon almond bite is divine!”
  • You guys are going to be sooooo successful!”

Like most quests, the search for the perfect treat took years of blind alleys, dashed hopes and failed experiments. But in the end, the grail was found in a delicious chocolate taste reminiscent of the chocolate treats we all craved as kids. It is an entirely new category of snack; one that retailers, doctors and healthcare / nutrition providers are all lining up to carry. 

Now you can try You Are Loved chocolate treats at Booth 323 at the Celiac Disease Foundation Event in Pasadena, California, May 2-3. That’s where you can try one of his four truly Paleo treats: You Are Loved Cinnamon Bites, You Are Loved Chocolate Bites, You Are Loved Chocolate Fudge Balls, You Are Loved Chocolate Cupcakes and then a You Are Loved Chocolate Sampler Box. Think of them as Free Love (free of gluten, grains, soy, dairy, added sugars).


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