Jonathan Heine - I "heart" chocolate!

I loved chocolate, but wanted a sugar free, lower in fat, soy free version, and began creating chocolate products, which were the predecessors to our chocolate cupcakes and truffles. 

One day, a dear friend who was a severe Type II diabetic asked for my help.  In a similar business and with a similarly demanding schedule, his feet were purple, and he had started using insulin.  We worked together for a few months and his symptoms disappeared.  After some tests, his doctor was amazed and he no longer needed insulin injections.

So many of the ingredients in today’s You Are Loved Foods product line are low glycemic and actually good for diabetics.  We use glycerin and natural vanilla extractives in glycerin, along with almond milk, cashews, hemp protein powder and many other clean ingredients. For example, all of the carbs in chia seeds are fiber which will not raise blood sugar. Coconut flour has manganese in it, which helps maintain optimal blood sugar levels.

At this point, I realized I could do well by doing good and decided to launch You Are Loved Foods.  To create sweets, meal replacements and snacks for people like me.  So whether you are living the high stress life of a Wall Street Investment Banker or just want a portable, healthy snack before or after a workout, our products are right for you.

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