The Dangers of Sugar You May Not Know About

Almost all of us are vulnerable to the temptations of sugar. In fact, most of us consume more than the recommended moderate amounts of sugar. We know it’s bad for us, but we usually put it behind saturated and trans fat, sodium, and calories in our list of foods to avoid. However, it is time to change that mindset. Here are some reasons why you should definitely rethink consuming too much sugar.

1. Sugar is bad for your heart 
Other than increasing your risk for heart disease, it has been found out that sugar may actually affect the pumping mechanism of your heart and increase the risk of heart failure.
2. Sugar is a silent killer
There is a hormone called leptin in our body that tells us when we’ve had enough food. And a study in 2008 found out that excessive fructose consumption increases our resistance to this particular hormone. And when this happens, it leads us to eat more, eventually causing obesity. What is even scarier though is that leptin resistance occurs without symptoms! So next time, watch your fructose consumption!
3. Sugar equals belly fat
Excessive fructose consumption in children causes maturity of visceral fat cells, setting the stage for a big belly and even bigger future risk for heart disease and diabetes.
4. Sugar affects your liver in the same way alcohol does
Evidence has been found showing similarities in the toxic effect to the liver brought about by fructose and glucose and the metabolism of ethanol. What is more, sugar has been found to increase the risk for several of the same chronic conditions linked to alcohol.
5. Sugar is bad for your brain
According to a study, sugar may affect the aging of your brain. Excessive sugar consumption has been linked to deficiencies in memory and overall cognitive health.
6. Sugar may be causing your weight gain
Sugar contains calories, but it does not make you feel full. This is why you tend to consume way too much sugar without realizing it!
These are just some of the dangers of sugar (because sadly, there’s more!), but they are enough to encourage us to rethink our health choices moving forward. It does not mean we have to stick to boring, tasteless food though. The key is finding better, healthier alternatives/ingredients, because like what we always say in You Are Loved Foods “you deserve to eat the foods you love, and have them love you, too.”

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