Reasons to Convince You to Lower Your Sugar Consumption

The addictive substance that is sugar is everywhere these days! Wherever you may be in the grocery store, you are sure to find foods loaded with unhealthy amounts of sugar. This is probably another reason why most of us are consuming way too much of it. The sad news is that sugar is bad, especially when added to foods during processing. Consuming too much of these empty calories brings about many health effects, one of which is weight gain. It raises your insulin levels, messes with your metabolism, and causes those calories to turn into belly fat. While weight loss is a good enough reason for cutting back your sugar consumption, this is just one of the many benefits. Here are some other reasons why you should consume less sugar.

  1. It can lower your blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Research has found that added dietary sugars can raise blood pressure. Consuming a lot of added sugars also has the tendency to lower HDL or good cholesterol and increase LDL or bad cholesterol.
  1. It sharpens your brain. Research shows that eating too much sugar can impair cognitive function and also reduce proteins needed for memory and responsiveness.
  1. It makes your skin look good. Long-term consumption of excessive sugar makes your skin dull and wrinkled. There’s also been a link between sugary foods and the severity of acne.
  1. You are less likely to become diabetic. Excessive sugar intake can cause high insulin resistance, increasing one’s likelihood to develop type 2 diabetes. 
  1. It decreases your “cravings.” Overconsumption of sugar signals the production of ghrelin, a hormone that tells your body that you are hungry. Thus, decreased sugar intake makes you feel for a longer period of time.
  1. It helps you save money. From trips to the doctor and dentist to junk food binges, cutting back your sugar consumption saves you from extra expenses.

The above reasons and more tell us that decreasing our sugar consumption indeed has many benefits! And to reap these benefits, we have to resolve to make changes, to cut back on the one thing that keeps us from achieving a healthy life. Of course to start, we recommend you try our delicious, truly paleo foods—because cutting back on sugar and eating healthier do not have to be boring. Remember: you deserve to eat the foods you love and have them love you too.

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