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Sugar Sources You May Not Know Of

We know of two truths: one that sugar is addictive, and two that sugar is everywhere. And while it’s hard enough to resist the siren call of foods we know contain a lot of sugar, we are faced with the reality that we may be consuming too much sugar without us knowing it. That is why it is important to arm ourselves with enough food knowledge that we may not be victimized by hidden sugar. Below are some foods that you should be wary of.

  1. Barbecue sauce. Barbecue sauce may be delicious, but every two tablespoons of this contain 13 grams of sugar.
  1. Fruit yogurt. Don’t be fooled! Fruit yogurt contains 19 grams of sugar.
  1. Ketchup-based salad dressings. Two tablespoons of these dressings contain 9-10 grams of sugar.
  1. Chinese takeout. Other than MSG and sodium, your favorite sweet and sour chicken also contains 19 grams of sugar.
  1. Fruit juice. Some fruit juices are made from concentrates that indeed contain fruits. However, in the concentration process, sugar is added when the fruit flavor becomes bland. A cup of your favorite fruit juice can contain between 20 and 30 grams of sugar. 
  1. Canned fruit. A cup of canned fruit contains 30 grams or more of sugar.
  1. Gummy worms. For every 10 worms you chew, you are consuming 44 grams of sugar.
  1. Energy drinks. These drinks can contain up to 83 grams of sugar. Maybe you should consider sticking to water then?
Although the grocery aisle is riddled with hidden sugars, there are still many delicious foods out there that contain little to zero sugar. For example, head on over to You Are Loved Foods’ shop page to try our delicious paleo foods that are healthy and contain low amounts of sugar.

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