Make All Food An Act Of Love

Make All Food An Act Of Love

February 05, 2018

I‘m a foodie. I love talking about it, buying it at a farmers market, creating new recipes, sharing meals with friends and family. I love it so much that I actually became a food photographer.


Judgments Were My Self Torture. At the same time, I held judgements and anxieties about food. These were really about my body image and weight. I started dieting as a young girl because I thought my body wasn‘t ok the way it was. An endless spiral of loosing and gaining weight resulted from this thinking.


The Real Struggle Was Self Image. At some point in my life I became aware that the only REAL struggle behind my food struggles was my own attitude: my opinion about myself. My self-image. Food and eating had become a substitute for the Love of God.


How Could I Be Healthy with Such an Unhealthy Body Image. On my journey of awakening, I asked to have all the blocks to love removed, and food was one of them. I made a decision to shift my perceptions about food and use my fears as vehicles for real transformation, and to correct my self perception. How could I expect a sustainable and lasting change in my body when I hated it so much?


Focus on Source, Not Effect. I stopped focusing on the effect--my body--and started focusing on the source: God, which is love. I listened to my Inner voice telling me what is good for me rather than running after the newest food rules.


So...What to do? There are more food rules out there than you can count. Health coaches and nutrition experts share all the food rules they picked up, telling you what you should and shouldn’t eat, and often changing their advice every few years.


People get attacked for eating meat, for being vegan, for eating gluten-free, for eating gluten, for eating sugar and not eating sugar and the list goes on. The fear around food is so immense, it’s actually insane.


Mental Image Creates Body Effect. All these thoughts are only of the mind, and the body responds. We are actually NOT our bodies, we are unlimited SPIRIT, we are pure LIGHT and LOVE. But when we focus on fear of food, we are doing harm to our souls, which in turn, harms our bodies.


State of Consciousness Is Essential. Have you ever heard about the amazing work of Dr Masaru Emoto with water? He put the effect of our state of consciousness into a visible and tangible form. He photographed the effects of our emotions on water.


Here is a photo about the effect of love and gratitide from Dr Masaru Emoto


And this is a photo with the effect of fear on water by Dr Masaru Emoto:


I believe that the pictures speak for themselves. Light crystals vs. Dark masses. I look at the dark picture and wonder if it looks like a tumor.


Since 80% of the bodies that we occupy is water, it may look obvious to you how important our thoughts and feelings are around food and eating, and everything else. The only thing that we really need to release are our fearful thoughts around food and our bodies.


Use Food to Awaken Our Souls. We can use food to awaken to our true Self and radiate this consciousness where ever we go and what ever we do. We can be conscious about food descisions from a place of love instead of a place of fear.


Eat Clean Foods with a Loving Heart. Eat beautiful and clean foods because you love your body, not because you hate it or being afraid of sickness and death.


Watch Your Thoughts Like a Hawk. Enjoy creating a completly new and loving relationship with your body and food. Become aware of worry and guilt about eating. Watch yourself like a hawk when you fall back into fear, deprivation, cravings and „failures“. These negative thoughts are the foundation for unhappiness and depression.


Step Into Love. Say to yourself: „I am done with this!“ And make the decision to step into a state of love again. It is really just a decision and nothing more.


Know that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. The most harmful ingredient in the foods you it is your fear. Give up all your judgements and resentments against food. Whenever thoughts of fear arise (what will most likely happen), don’t value them, don’t answer them, but remember the truth about who and what you really are: LOVE. Choose a loving thought instead.


And here is what and how I eat; I believe that God (you can call it the Universe or what ever you like, it really doesn’t matter either) created everything. That’s why I really prefer to eat clean and unprocessed food. Food like the cupcakes, truffels, chocolate Protein bites from You Are Love Foods just easily flows through my body and delights my soul. I don’t count calories, measure or worry. Instead I listen and eat with God. I say a prayer before eating. It is a phrase from the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke. The phrase is: „Hawvlan lachma d’sunqanan yaomana“ (Give us this day our daily bread). For me that is the blessing of earthiness. It is about receiving what we need to grow on all levels and bread is a symbol for that.


Make All Food an Act of Love. When I bake and cook, I do it as an act of love.
I look on Instagram and Pinterest for new ideas for creating super delicious and healthy recipes. I have the greatest fun putting ingredients together that seem to have no connection at all, and then become a wonderful taste explosion. And when I hear my Inner Guidance tell me to eat a hamburger, I find best quality I can, and bless it and enjoy it. No don’ts here. I love to be fully present when I eat.


I hope that this article is helpful in some ways for you and would appreciate your thoughts and comments on it.


And remember; You Are Loved!



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