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Processed Foods Can Affect These Areas in Your Body

Every once in a while we find ourselves craving for processed foods. It’s just hard not to! It has been established that processed foods cause us to overeat and experience uncontrollable cravings. But like what we’ve said before: processed foods are bad! They are mostly chemicals with almost zero nutritional value. So what specific areas in your body do processed foods affect? Here are some of them:  Skin. Processed foods cause wrinkles! The high amounts of sugar in processed foods can lead to the degradation of collagen and elastin in your skin, leading to loss of elasticity and firmness and premature sagging and wrinkles. Also, sugar can cause inflammation in the body which can aggravate acne and rosacea. Brain. You...

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Your Favorite Pasta Sauce Has More Sugar Than You Think

Mars Food, the company behind Dolmio and Uncle Ben’s, has recently announced that they will be placing a “once a week” warning on their products. They will also be dividing their products into two categories: one for “everyday” consumption and another for an “occasional” treat. This is following the company’s announcement that their products should only be consumed once a week due to high sugar and fat content. Elle UK has done some digging to see how much sugar your favorite pasta sauce might contain. Here’s what they found: Dolmio Creamy White Lasange Sauce Fat: 7.1g Sugar: 3.2g Salt: 0.72g One portion contains more salt than… a packet of Walkers Salt & Vinegar crisps Dolmio Tomato Red Lasagne Sauce Fat:...

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Sugar Sources You May Not Know Of

We know of two truths: one that sugar is addictive, and two that sugar is everywhere. And while it’s hard enough to resist the siren call of foods we know contain a lot of sugar, we are faced with the reality that we may be consuming too much sugar without us knowing it. That is why it is important to arm ourselves with enough food knowledge that we may not be victimized by hidden sugar. Below are some foods that you should be wary of. Barbecue sauce. Barbecue sauce may be delicious, but every two tablespoons of this contain 13 grams of sugar. Fruit yogurt. Don’t be fooled! Fruit yogurt contains 19 grams of sugar. Ketchup-based salad dressings. Two tablespoons...

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The Dangers of Sugar You May Not Know About

Almost all of us are vulnerable to the temptations of sugar. In fact, most of us consume more than the recommended moderate amounts of sugar. We know it’s bad for us, but we usually put it behind saturated and trans fat, sodium, and calories in our list of foods to avoid. However, it is time to change that mindset. Here are some reasons why you should definitely rethink consuming too much sugar. 1. Sugar is bad for your heart Other than increasing your risk for heart disease, it has been found out that sugar may actually affect the pumping mechanism of your heart and increase the risk of heart failure. 2. Sugar is a silent killerThere is a hormone called leptin in...

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