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On the paleo diet? You should have these in your pantry

The paleo diet eliminates processed foods and embraces nutritious, whole foods. It usually includes throwing away soy sauce, canola oil, white sugar, and table salt. However, you do not have to compromise flavor for wellness. You can still create truly paleo meals that actually taste good! Here are some basic ingredients you should keep in your pantry when you’re on the paleo diet. Ghee. If you love butter, ghee is the perfect alternative for you. Ghee is clarified butter, meaning its milk solid components have been almost completely removed, leaving only the butterfat behind. The very pure kind usually contains 99% pure butter oil with traces of casein and lactose. Sea salt. Sea salt is healthier than iodized table salt...

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Which breakfast cereal contains the least amount of sugar?

It has been found that Americans consume twice the recommended amount of sugar daily, and one of those sources of sugar could be our favorite breakfast cereal. Yes! Because no matter how breakfast cereals are marketed (Whole grain! High in fiber!), no one can deny that most of these are highly processed foods, often containing a lot of added sugar. TechInsider went on a quest to find out which of the more popular breakfast cereals contained the least sugar based on the common serving of ¾ cup.  Among those on the list, the following had the least amount of sugar: Waffle Crisp: 7.5 g Apple Jacks: 7.5 g Trix: 7.5 g Fruit Loops: 7.5 g Special K Red Berries: 6.75...

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Your Favorite Pasta Sauce Has More Sugar Than You Think

Mars Food, the company behind Dolmio and Uncle Ben’s, has recently announced that they will be placing a “once a week” warning on their products. They will also be dividing their products into two categories: one for “everyday” consumption and another for an “occasional” treat. This is following the company’s announcement that their products should only be consumed once a week due to high sugar and fat content. Elle UK has done some digging to see how much sugar your favorite pasta sauce might contain. Here’s what they found: Dolmio Creamy White Lasange Sauce Fat: 7.1g Sugar: 3.2g Salt: 0.72g One portion contains more salt than… a packet of Walkers Salt & Vinegar crisps Dolmio Tomato Red Lasagne Sauce Fat:...

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ICYMI, these celebrities are eating like a caveman!

While here at You Are Loved Foods we are all about being the best version of YOU that you can be, we also couldn’t help but look to other people for tips and inspiration. After all, there’s nothing wrong with following trends that are actually good for you. And so when we experienced for ourselves how amazing the paleo diet works, we couldn’t help but feel even more motivated when we found out that some of our favorite celebrities are actually on this same diet, too! The paleo diet is more than just a fad diet, and these celebrities are a testament to that. Matthew MacConaughey. All right, all right, all right. Matthew MacConaughey has adopted the paleo style of...

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Simple Tips to Cut Sugar Out of Your Life

Here at You Are Loved Foods, we’ve told you many times that sugar is bad. It is bad for your teeth, your skin, and your overall health. I guess what we’re really trying to get at is this: cut back on your sugar consumption, please. But how? Why don’t you start by following these tips! Avoid processed foods. Sugar thrives in processed foods! Practically everything that you buy that comes in a box, bag, or can has added sugars. So cutting back on processed foods is probably the best step you can take to cut sugar out of your life.  When it comes to fruits, choose whole and fresh. While juice, fruit roll-ups, and dehydrated fruit taste great, no one...

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