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On the paleo diet? You should have these in your pantry

The paleo diet eliminates processed foods and embraces nutritious, whole foods. It usually includes throwing away soy sauce, canola oil, white sugar, and table salt. However, you do not have to compromise flavor for wellness. You can still create truly paleo meals that actually taste good! Here are some basic ingredients you should keep in your pantry when you’re on the paleo diet. Ghee. If you love butter, ghee is the perfect alternative for you. Ghee is clarified butter, meaning its milk solid components have been almost completely removed, leaving only the butterfat behind. The very pure kind usually contains 99% pure butter oil with traces of casein and lactose. Sea salt. Sea salt is healthier than iodized table salt...

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Processed Foods Can Affect These Areas in Your Body

Every once in a while we find ourselves craving for processed foods. It’s just hard not to! It has been established that processed foods cause us to overeat and experience uncontrollable cravings. But like what we’ve said before: processed foods are bad! They are mostly chemicals with almost zero nutritional value. So what specific areas in your body do processed foods affect? Here are some of them:  Skin. Processed foods cause wrinkles! The high amounts of sugar in processed foods can lead to the degradation of collagen and elastin in your skin, leading to loss of elasticity and firmness and premature sagging and wrinkles. Also, sugar can cause inflammation in the body which can aggravate acne and rosacea. Brain. You...

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Sugar Found in Processed Food “Could Trigger” Dementia

A new study is giving us another reason to kick processed foods to the curb. According to a recently conducted research, a sugar common in processed food could alter hundreds of brain genes, which could lead to a wide range of diseases including dementia. This specific sugar is fructose. The study has found that fructose, a sugar common in the Western diet, could actually damage genes in the brain. People usually consume fructose from foods sweetened by high-fructose corn syrup and from sweetened drinks, syrups, honey, and desserts. Fructose can also be found in baby food and in fruits. However, the fiber in fruits actually slows down the body’s absorption of the sugar; plus, fruits contain other healthy components that...

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Which breakfast cereal contains the least amount of sugar?

It has been found that Americans consume twice the recommended amount of sugar daily, and one of those sources of sugar could be our favorite breakfast cereal. Yes! Because no matter how breakfast cereals are marketed (Whole grain! High in fiber!), no one can deny that most of these are highly processed foods, often containing a lot of added sugar. TechInsider went on a quest to find out which of the more popular breakfast cereals contained the least sugar based on the common serving of ¾ cup.  Among those on the list, the following had the least amount of sugar: Waffle Crisp: 7.5 g Apple Jacks: 7.5 g Trix: 7.5 g Fruit Loops: 7.5 g Special K Red Berries: 6.75...

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Starbucks Is Serving You More Sugar than You’d Expect

For most of us, a trip to Starbucks has become a part of our daily routine. Nothing helps us face that looong day at work like a good cup of our favorite coffee. But is our favorite drink actually putting us at more risk for diabetes? A British nutrition advocacy group, Action on Sugar, recently released a report ranking some of Starbucks’ popular drinks in terms of the amount of sugar they contain. And what they discovered is alarming. According to their research, many of Starbucks’ drinks contain more sugar than a can of Coke (33 grams). The amount of sugar in these drinks also go beyond the American Heart Association’s recommended daily sugar intake—9 teaspoons (45 grams) for men...

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