Your Are Loved Foods In-Person at Expo East 2021 COVID Safety

Your Are Loved Foods In-Person at Expo East 2021 COVID Safety

September 15, 2021

You Are Loved Foods is thrilled to be exhibiting at Expo East, Booth 1959, PA Convention Center, Sept 23-25 in historic Philadelphia, PA.

We’ve seen some larger exhibitors post here on Linked In that they are NOT exhibiting because they feel it is not safe.  

You Are Loved Foods cares about the health and safety of our products and our employees.  

We believe Expo East can be an example of how the Natural Products Industry can lead the way by example to help everyone re-open in this “new normal” by practicing reasonable safety protocols:  diligent masking, diligent distancing, and (if you are willing) vaccinating.  

We believe that the health and safety protocols required of exhibitors and attendees by Expo East and the PA Convention Center will make Expo East a safe and fun event--if we all follow them:

Don’t arrive sick or with recent COVID exposure, diligently mask and distance.  Simple, elegant, responsible, doable.  

All You Are Loved Foods’ booth personnel are vaccinated, some with boosters; we have an abundance of NIOSH Certified N95, US made masks; and all our samples will be sealed and under display covers.  Simple, elegant, responsible, doable.

Vaccinating was our decision, and we respect yours.  Masking & Distancing?  Simple, elegant, responsible, doable.  

I founded and run You Are Loved Foods, and these are our intentions.

We are a mission driven company launched to help anybody that wants to truly enjoy Amaaazing tasting treats, snacks and desserts that are ultra-low carb, sugar free, gluten free, grain free, starch free and genuinely, sincerely, scrupulously, and healthily KETO.  

I founded the company as a KETO company before it was a “thing”.  Because a low carb lifestyle saved my life. Unlike a lot of newly founded trendy KETO companies and products, we stick to the strictest KETO requirements.

We want to help everybody that wants to enjoy their treats while staying sugar free and ultra-low carb. Whether they are struggling with diabetes or pre-diabetes (1/3 of the US), obesity (one half of the US), or just want to stay healthy with satisfaction.  

We make all our food to be blood sugar neutral.  But what’s the point if you don’t want to eat the healthy stuff.  

“Tastes Good For Healthy” just sucks.  So, we did it better.  

We want to be the Innovation & Satisfaction Leader for the sugar free, low carb consumer.  

Many of our consumers call us a “food refuge”: they can finally enjoy treats that taste great, are easy on the digestion, and are truly ultra-low carb (one net carb per serving).  

We have two patents on low fat, low carb, non-melting chocolate.  

We NEVER, EVER, EVER use erythritol, xylitol, allulose, inulins, and all the other “so called healthy” sweeteners that can wreck havoc on our digestion, metabolism, and even liver function.  We sweeten only with 100% Pure Monk Fruit Extract.

I’m so proud of our employees who hung in there with us.  We are so grateful to the State of California, the County of Ventura (where we manufacture our products ourselves), and the SBA for all the programs that kept us going during the darkest days of the pandemic.   
After three years of wildfire evacuations and 20 months of a pandemic, we are still here and ready to grow.  We are all dedicated to our mission of doing well by helping our consumers enjoy their healthy lives.

We are thrilled to be distributed by KeHE and to have 3volution Organics as our broker.  It's time for us to grow nationally.

So come by Booth 1959 and have a touchless sample of sugar free Vegan Fudge Truffles, Low Cal Greek Yogurt Cheesecake, Luscious Chocolate Cupcakes (dairy free), KETO granola, our moist answer to protein bars, and our pure monk fruit sweetener.  

Mention this post for a free elbow nudge.  See you there!!!

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