100% Pure Monk Fruit Zero Calories Sweetener

2 PACK of Convenient Shakers

0 calorie sweetener 100% real monk fruit per serving0 carb sweetener per serving pure monk fruit

Only the Purest of the Pure Monk Fruit Sweetener. We blend several Monk Fruit extracts and dry age them to create the Monk Fruit Sweetener with no aftertaste. This sweet, smooth, zero calorie sweetener is perfect for coffee, baking and everything you’re making! 

No erythritol!   100% Monk Fruit.

When you put it in coffee or tea, we recommend putting it in the cup first, and then pour in the hot water.

When you bake with it, mix it with the wet ingredients and then add to the dry. 

100% real Monk Fruit Certified Gluten FreeOrthodox UnionCertified Dairy FreeKetogenic Friendly 100% real Monk Fruit sweetenerOat Free and Grain Free100% real monk fruit sweetener Sugar Free (*)

Shelf Life: 1 Year+

Ingredients: 100% Pure Monk Fruit Extract


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